Episode 36 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Joe Hallett, Director of Instruction at Vanderbilt Legends Club and World Renowned Tour Instructor)

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In Episode 36 of The Putting Couch, the SeeMore Tour Team sits down with Joe Hallett, Director of Instruction of Vanderbilt Legends Club and golf instructor to top LPGA players, to discuss insights on all things putting that Hallett shares based on his extensive work with some of the world’s best players.  Key topics include green reading… Read more »

Episode 35 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Dr. Bob Winters and the SeeMore TOUR Team Discuss Love/Hate Relationship with a Putter)

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In episode 35, SeeMore TOUR Team and Dr. Bob Winters discuss how golfers of all levels go through periods of a love/hate Relationship with their putting and Winters offers some tremendous insights on how Putting can become the strongest part of one’s game. Dr. Winters is one of the world’s foremost experts on performance improvement… Read more »

Episode 34 – The Putting Couch Podcast (SeeMore’s TOUR Team Revisits and Reinforces The Key Topics In Putting)

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In episode 34, the SeeMore TOUR Team revisits the key topics covered by the world’s most in depth podcast on all things putting. A focus on the common struggles that golfers of all skill levels face on the greens, and an equally comprehensive offering of solutions and benefits that listeners of the Putting Couch should… Read more »

Episode 33 – The Putting Couch Podcast (SeeMore Global Instructor Pat O’Brien Gives Putting Tips for On Course Corrections)

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In Episode 33, Pat O’Brien, SeeMore Global Putting Instructor, gives putting tips for on course corrections and helps you understand how to get going in the right direction. The TOUR team discusses with O’Brien simple ways to get more relaxed and have less pressure during your round of golf when it comes to putting. Finally,… Read more »

Episode 31 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Professional Golfer Josh Radcliff)

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Professional golfer, Josh Radcliff, takes time to sit down on the “putting couch” to talk golf data, his professional golf career, his “Custom Shop SeeMore” putter and what it takes to “go from self doubt to self belief.”  Radcliff gives great putting tips that can help you become more consistent on the putting greens.  After listening… Read more »

Episode 30 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Bernie Garsen – Founder of Garsen Golf – Talks Putter Grips and TOUR stories)

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Bernie Garsen, founder of Garsen Golf, joins the Putting Couch Podcast to talk about how the input of players on the PGA tour has led to continuous brand innovation within the Garsen grip line up. Garsen discusses how grip design works hand in hand with putter design to help players of all skill levels improve their… Read more »

Episode 29 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Global SPi Instructor, Paul Kaster, Shares Great Insights On His Philosophy On Putting And More)

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Paul Kaster is one of the top Golf Instructors in the country, with a ton of credentials in all areas of the game including short game and putting. He shares some great insights on his philosophy on putting, and how green reading, alignment, and and speed will best work together to create an improved putting… Read more »

Episode 28 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Global SPi Instructor, Andy Gorman, Sits Down and Talks About “The Why” in Putting Along with His Road To Becoming a Putting Specialist)

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Episode 28 – Global SPi Instructor, Andy Gorman, sits down with the SeeMore TOUR team and talks about “The Why” in putting along with his road to becoming a putting specialist. Andy Gorman has been a top PGA Instructor for over 30 years, passionate in seeing his students improve on the greens and enjoy better… Read more »

Episode 27 – The Putting Couch Podcast (Pro Golfer and Golf Content Creator Zac Radford Sits Down And Shares His Secrets on Golf, Putting, Social Media & More)

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How did popular Golf Content Creator Zac Radford go from regularly shooting around 80 upon college graduation, to turning pro as a plus 6 handicap and winning a mini tour event just a few years later? Hint: it involves hitting tee shots over 350 yards, mastering the “stinger,” and a relentless focus on putting.  Zac also goes into… Read more »