Episode 14 – “The Putting Couch” Podcast (SeeMore Global Ambassador – Pat O’Brien Talks Putting Fundamentals – ALIGNMENT)

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On this week’s episode of the Putting Couch we talk once again with one of the world’s leading putting instructors, Pat O’Brien. O’Brien is the Director of Instruction at Lakewood Country Club in Dallas, TX and is SeeMore Putter Company’s Global Ambassador. In Episode 14 of The Putting Couch Podcast, O’Brien dives into the second… Read more »

What is your 2.0 Putt Distance?

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What is your 2.0 Putt Distance? by: Peter Sanders Founder of ShotByShot.com, the leading game analysis website.   In studying performance at all levels for more than 25 years, I have found that there are two distinct skills needed to become a good putter: Alignment and Distance Control. Proper alignment is especially critical in the… Read more »