How did popular Golf Content Creator Zac Radford go from regularly shooting around 80 upon college graduation, to turning pro as a plus 6 handicap and winning a mini tour event just a few years later? Hint: it involves hitting tee shots over 350 yards, mastering the “stinger,” and a relentless focus on putting.  Zac also goes into detail with Dir. of SPi and TOUR Development, Cody Hale, about a common putting flaw that will sometimes creep into his game, and the team discusses how to fix it.  Enjoy! and SEE CONTEST BELOW!

The Putting Couch takes a unique turn in episode 27, as we feature the story of one of the more interesting people in golf.  Meet Zac Radford, who graduated from college as a 12 handicap, yet was playing professionally and winning golf events with a plus six handicap just a few years later!  How can anyone’s game progress at that pace? 

Zac shares his secrets, how he focused on the short game with a vengeance, and how he developed a system for great putting. Zac also shares stories about his fascinating new life as a golf content creator, and about a nearly 150 foot putt he made that ended up on ESPN’s Sports Center Top 10 Plays.  Finally, Zac has started his own clothing company.  LISTEN to how you can win a hat and t-shirt from OSTRCH clothing company.

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