PuttingU – General Information – What is it?

PuttingU.com - There are many myths of putting in the golfing world today. Putting University was created to give you, the golfer, the means to learn more about putting and the fundamentals behind the putting stroke. Welcome to PuttingU.com (PuttingUniversity).


PuttingU.com – Many different instructional theories and myths float within the golfing world today, especially related to putting.  Through research, no website completely focuses its efforts on theories for game improvement and myths of putting to the fullest potential.  Typically golf websites discuss differences in types of putter models, the latest and greatest and which player is using what. Welcome to PuttingU.com (PuttingUniversity).  PuttingU was created to actually talk about the golfer and the “how too”.  Through in depth instructional tips, ways to practice effectively, and myths of putter designs we look to help the golfer have a more enjoyable golfing experience.

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