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Tutorial for Strokes Gained as used by - Read article" What is Your 2.0" Distance?" by founder Peter Sanders - in ARTICLE section of


Tutorial for Strokes Gained as used by – click HERE to read article “What is Your 2.0” Distance?

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Experience – Strokes Gained Analysis for all golfers. Our program will reveal the secrets of exactly what separates the golfer you are from the golfer you want to be.  Register now for your free trial now! is a subscription-based web service so you can access your account from any connected device.  Our proprietary database of golf rounds entered is extremely comprehensive and robust.  Combined with our unique Strokes Gained analysis, it will provide accurate and personalized analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game.  Whether you’re an avid golfer, serious about improving, or a golf coach or instructor, you’ll find that goes far beyond one dimensional traditional golf statistics in accelerating improvement.

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